Perche’ si usano gli scripts in SL?

Si usano perche’ i nostri oggetti in SL devono “fare delle cose” .

In RL una sedia e’ una sedia e basta…in SL possiamo costruirla …ma poi dobbiamo inserire uno script per poterci sedere in una posizione adeguata e corretta

It’s because our objects should do things that a normal chair or table would not do.

Imagine these things in Real Life. You would not expect a chair or a table to interact with you or with the environment.

On the other hand, look at your TV, your radio, your toaster. You expect them to “do” something for you.

For example showing your favorite TV-show, or heating up your toast.

It’s the same in SL. If you see a radio somewhere, it just could be a “dead” item that just looks nice.

But if it contains a script, it would be able to play music for example.

To do this, the object need to “know” when it should start playing the music, and maybe it should be able to play different music of your choice.

That’s why we need scripts in objects.

For example, an object can give you things when you touch it. Or you can open a door when you touch it. Or the object sells you something if you pay it.

All the games in the casinos are heavily scripted objects. But also some of your jewelry may contain a script.

For example a bling script to produce these glitter effects for shiny shoes or earrings.

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